Renewable Energy


Experience in all aspects of providing electrical engineering design and administrative services for solar energy projects under the province of Ontario’s FIT program.

Has been involved from initial contract application to commissioning and commercial operation on over 200 projects ranging from 5 kW to 500 kW, representing over 35 MW of rooftop, ground-mount, and tracking solar PV renewable energy projects.

Provided initial feasibility and design report on a 10 MW ground-mount solar project in Guelph, Ontario.

Has provided initial customer design assistance including system performance simulations, irradiance/shading studies, array/inverter sizing, equipment selection, PV string sizing and array layout, SCADA system design, complete electrical system design including both DC side and AC grid interconnection, drawing and specification package preparation, documentation requirements for the IESO, including Independent Engineer Certificates, Supplier Commercial Operation Certificates and Metering Plans. Local Distribution Company documentation including Connection Impact Assessments, Metering Single Line Diagrams, Site-Specific Loss Adjustments (SSLA), COVER testing and documentation. Electrical Safety Authority Documentation including plan review submittals. Commissioning reports including system performance and acceptance testing, I-V curve characterization of the PV array and full AC performance testing of the inverters and protection equipment.