Home Energy Audits

The Audit Process

  1. Step One – Before upgrading your home with energy saving upgrades, contact a Certified Energy Advisor to arrange an initial Energy Assessment
  2. Step Two – A Certified Energy Advisor will arrive at your home to complete an initial Energy Assessment.  Note:  A copy of your tax assessment with your tax roll number is required to complete paperwork for rebate programs, if in place
  3. Step Three – After the initial Energy Assessment, you can start your upgradesRemember:  Keep all your receipts, pictures of receipts will be taken during the final Energy Assessment.  Note:  if upgrades are concealed with no access (i.e. insulation in walls), please take pictures; and if possible, for insulation take a picture indicating the depth of the insulation with a tape measure/ruler
  4. Step Four – An Energy Assessment report with potential areas to upgrade your home will be mailed to the homeowner with an EnerGuide Rating sticker.  This sticker should be applied near the fuse panel
  5. Step Five – After upgrades complete, contact your Certified Energy Advisor to arrange a final Energy Assessment your home
  6. Step Six – A Certified Energy Advisor will complete your final Energy Assessment (information provided by the homeowner at this time are renovation receipts, and pictures of upgrades (i.e. insulation inside of walls), if applicable)
  7. Step Seven – A final EnerGuide sticker will be mailed to the homeowner.  This sticker should replace the initial EnerGuide sticker which the homeowner applied near their fuse panel

Note:  During the Energy Assessment process all paperwork will be sent by the Certified Energy Advisors licensed Service Organization to NRCan.

It’s that easy!