Commercial and industrial energy evaluations

More and more companies are understanding the importance of reducing their energy footprint. Not only can an energy efficient business help lessen greenhouse gas emissions, it also provides a safer workplace, decreases operating expenses and increases productivity.

Get the advantage

Socially responsible businesses often get the added bonus of having a competitive advantage in their field. According to a Nielson study, 55% of global consumers said they’re willing to pay more for products and services if the company is environmentally sustainable.

How can F2 Energy help?

We work with your business to create a customized plan to examine and review your facility, then conduct an energy evaluation focussed on the systems impacting your company’s performance goals. We’ll analyse the results and help identify relevant government grants or programs you may qualify for and prioritize retrofit opportunities.

IESO’s Save on Energy Retrofit Program

The Save on Energy retrofit program is designed to encourage commercial and industrial businesses to become more energy efficient. Eligible businesses can receive financial incentives towards their retrofits under three categories: lighting, HVAC, and equipment.

To be eligible, your retrofit project must lower your electricity consumption, be worth a minimum incentive of $500 and be pre-approved. To learn more, click here.

F2 Energy will help guide your company through the process to ensure you receive the highest possible incentives. Through our commercial and industrial energy evaluations, we’ll help identify problematic areas in your facilities and will work with you to target the changes offering the largest energy savings.